Quentyn Earley, the Apt Pupil

The young Human Wizard, he is thrust into a position of leadership by circumstance. Noble, and of good heart.


Quentyn Early, the son of Jubal Early; alderman of Pike’s Gate, displayed aptitude for the arcane arts at a young age. This was fortunate, as he didn’t display very much aptitude in anything else. A clumsy and awkward youth, he didn’t prove adept at any of the skills otherwise necessary to maintain the small town. Thatching, carpentry, blacksmithing, and working a field were as unfamiliar to him as archery and swordsmanship. Luckily, Quentyn’s talents were recognized by a passing swordmage, Sage Vashas, who took him under his wing and began instructing him in the arcane arts; however, most if it was via correspondence. Quentyn is still attempting to apply what he has learned in the magical arts as well as learn the necessary skills to lead Pike’s Gate after his father’s eventual retirement.

On the road’s towards Cloudpeak, Quentyn’s Beguiling Strands spell backfired on him. He has trouble sleeping and maintaining focus.

Quentyn Earley, the Apt Pupil

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