First Rock

Confederacy of First Rock

A Parliamentary Confederacy, It is governed by the Bronze Parliament, It occupies the First Rock Mountain Range and continues to the North West. It borders both the Marist Kingdom and the Silver Empire.

The Parliament currently has 141 representatives with the following breakdown

Humans (44)
Dwarves (33)
Gnome (21)
Halfling (20)
Orc (11)
Goblin (6)
Half Elves (5)
Half Orc (1)

The Bronze Parliament accepted the Greenskins only 100 years ago, and there remains distrust among the Dwarves and Orcs and Goblins, but the peace has effectively held.

Only the last 80 years have the Confederacy truly taken action to solidify a permanent peace with the Marist Kingdom.

First Rock

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